5G Is Why Everyone Should Be Doing A Heavy Metal Nanoparticle Detox ASAP

16 Sep 2021

⁣⁣For free pdf ultimate guide on heavy metal and nanoparticle detoxification check this site out https://bit.ly/heavy-metal-detox-guide
To learn more about zeolites and how it is used in detoxing heavy metals and many other benefits watch this video to have your questions answered https://zeolites-heavy-metal-detox
For quality natural clinoptilolite zeolites (not synthetic like most generic brands) check this place while supplies last they are struggling to keep inventory with the recent high demand https://bit.ly/pure-zeolite
⁣This is not being discussed and is definitely a major issue and I am just stating my opinion but this Covid scamdemic is distracting people away from the true killer which is 5G. And the contamination of our food, air, water, and Vacc!nes with graphene oxide is just another clue. This toxic substance is being found everywhere and the fact that it is magnetic means it can be manipulated with electromagnetic frequencies (especially 5G) and that is terrifying. Whether you believe this or not doesn't matter but I just want to warn the people that may not be aware of this danger because it is an Armageddon level threat. I hate to sound so grim but time is running out by the day. One of the only ways to protect ourselves other than tear these towers down well they now have satellites as well thanks to Elon Musk so all we can do is detox as many of these heavy metals and nanoparticles as possible. This is what is making people sick along with the ethylene oxide covid swabs and whatever the hell is in those masks (morgellons) that shit is horrific and will keep you up at night. There aren't any good studies on detoxing graphene oxide particularly besides the one about N- acetyle cysteine (NAC) but I found a natural supplement called zeolites and they seem to be the best candidate even though no studies specifically for detoxing graphene using zeolites have been done it seems logical that zeolites with their peculiar amazing properties such as its natural charge is negative making it act like a magnet for any toxins, and its porous structure (cage-like) makes it act like a magnetic sponge to attract and trap toxins for removal from the body. This process usually takes 5-7 hours and should be taken with plenty water obviously but maybe a little more than usual. I just wanted to share this info in case you forgot like I did on this issue as we go forward. Look into it at the least because we need as many healthy people as possible. I could go on but this is too long already sorry. Oh, I will also share where I get my zeolite because alot of these products can be junk trust me don't just buy these generic zeolite brands. The one I use is mined and purified and produced specifically for human consumption. This is my trusted source https://bit.ly/pure-zeolite Protect Yourselves and your family while in stock because they have trouble keeping these supplements in stock with the high demand.
DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice and I am not qualified to give medical advice. Information provided is for educational purposes based on personal experience and testimonials. Seek a licensed physician for medical advice. Also, I believe in being transparent so any links provided may be affiliate links where I will be compensated if you purchase through them. At no extra cost to you of course. Thanks in advance and I hope this helps someone.

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Matrix Enemy33
Matrix Enemy33 4 months ago


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4 months ago

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 4 months ago

hey Adam, GREAT post man. Much appreciated. Good compilation of other videos most of us have seen ... but I dont think this point has been hit hard enough in the light of all the other fake fears...
Will be sharing this one on my other channels if you dont mind!

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