5g Danger for the Masses - No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot) - Conspiracy Music Gu

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
30 Oct 2021

Conspiracy Merch: https://guru-merch.creator-spring.comTo stream or purchase this latest single or any of my music, use this link:https://songwhip.com/artist/co....nspiracy-music-guruT Good Health Machine:https://www.hhohealth.comConsider becoming a patreon, thank you.PATREONhttps://www.patreon.com/conspiracy_music_guru Or leave a tip here:https://paypal.me/musicaproductionsMy website:http://conspiracymusicguru.com..../Facebook:https://ww tried to have a conversation With a man about radiationThe hazardous boilogical affects I tried to show him all the proofsHis ignorance was through the roofThe most deluded man I ever metI showed him how the frequenciesDisorient and kill the beesI showed him how the birds drop out the skyI showed him all the many treesDying as they lose their leavesAnd I showed him the antenna right near byI showed him all the many placesWith judges and the legal casesPeople fighting this technology And I showed him from my science buddiesA thousand scientific studiesBut he just laughed and that's when I could see thatChorusNo amount of evidence Will ever pursuade an idiotNo amount of evidence it seemsNo amount of showing youA hundred or a thousands proofsWill ever get your blinded eyes to seeNo amount of evidenceWill ever persuade an idiotNo amount of evidence it seemsHow quickly with your condemnationWithout real investigationSounds like ignorance to meI showed him doctors speak at public hearingsProtesters on the streets are jeeringThey've done their research they know the factsThey've seen all the evidenceThey know it's a carcinogenThe W.H.O will tell you thatI showed him the all the scientistsThat study and study thisAnd they've all been appalled at what they foundThey petitioned the United Nations Trying to stop this radiationThey know it's bad and they don't want it aroundTechnologically destroying cellsAffecting memory as wellDestroying your immune system it's trueIntefearing frequenciesAre a threat to the health of humanityJust research a little a you'll find proofThis new level of radiationOf wireless communicationHas had no safety tests and that's the truthI told him to remember thatCoz that's another damming factWill you listen when it comes to a street near youChorusAnd how bout this observationYou know this new 5th generationIs using milimiter frequencies According to the military guysThese sound waves can be weaponisedBut you think that's conspiracy theoryWell let me share this informationThe military uses this radiationAs a weapon to diffuse an angry crowdThey blast out 95 GigahurtsIt fries the people and they disperse He looked at me and then he laughed out loudAnd you're gonna need a funeral hearse When you get to 60 GHzCoz that will really take your breath awayAbsorbing oxygen molecules And they install this stuff near schoolsCome on kids let's go outside and play!Chorus

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