5G Covid Connection And The Corona Effect(Radiation)

31 Aug 2021

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5G effects are amplified based on how much metal is in your body.
Covid 19 has most people fooled and the real killer has always been this 5G roll out.

Why do you think they are injecting people with graphene oxide and other magnetic nanoparticles. And that is probably why we have the heavy metals in everything. The jab ingredients amplify the 5G effects.

Does this make sense to anyone but me? Yet hardly anyone is addressing the real issues here. This is another reason why I like using zeolite to detox because it has been used to detox radiation toxicity from nuclear disaster fallout in places like Chernobyl.

I don't have give medical advice and am not qualified to do so. I'm just sharing the info because we need all the help we can find in combating this threat to life. The best zeolite I've found is here https://bit.ly/zeolite-detox21

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Adam 12 months ago

Thanks because I didn't have the time to upload all the videos. Didn't think to see if they were all on roxytube already. I just try to get as many people as possible aware of these topics that I feel have legitimacy. It's like nobody is mentioning this 5G shit all of a sudden. Maybe many are really controlled opposition

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