52922 President TRUMP unleashes on the ENEMY The DS rushing plans to DESTROY US PRAY

chris brandt
chris brandt
29 May 2022

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Epic Hybrid Heroic Trailer

Aaron Lewis - Am I The Only One (Official Music Video)

Help for those struggling with Abortion issues:

Absolute truth about the World Economic Forum by an Australian Senator

Telling the truth about Ukraine

Mika interview with European Commission Ursula

🇺🇳U.N. Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet Says “This Will Be a Very
Difficult Year for All of Humanity”, Asks Members to “Do the Right
Thing” https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/24552

Former Malaysia Prime Minister: Dr. Mahathir, talks about a one World
Government ruled by the wealthy and population reduction 👀 https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/90336


Teacher asked students how they felt with @nal sex

Make sure to watch this Gregg Phillips interview and share it everywhere! https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/90590
Full interview here: https://rumble.com/v16gih4-patel-patriot-interviews-gregg-phillips.html?mref=nmtun&mc=4m0ok

SelectionCode.com Entire movie coming out 7.16.22

One topic they brought up multiple times at WEF 2022 was that of the
people not trusting them and their "need to change that", they're
rattled. https://t.me/PatriotVoiceOfficial/24322

Whoa He went there! President Trump went from get off Twitter to
truth on our side to Covfefe to death penalty

Trump on media

"One of the first things we teach our students is that people who
commit genocide are NOT evil." : Assistant professor at Ohio State
University. https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/12104

I’d love to hear the fake news explanation for this one. Same victim,
two networks, different fathers. CNN & NBC. Anderson Cooper and
Savannah Gutherie. Shocker. https://t.me/RatchetTruth/42331

Dr Ryan Cole: Huge Increase in Women’s Reproductive Cancers
“We have a problem”


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