(4) This is How You Don't Play Xenoblade Chronicles Part 4 (of 4) FINAL

13 Jul 2021

Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLGnB3HidddY
Covers DSP's Xenoblade Chronicles playthrough pt64-103
Devil May Cry HD playthrough pt1
The Week In Preview 4-22-12: Prototype 2 and Risen 2
(4) This is How You Don't Play Makna Forest Extended & Original Unaltered Colors Xenoblade - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjRu-UrmYGg
Good Idea (Chuggaconroy) VS Bad Idea (DSP) VS Leone Telethia (Public on Wed 7-14 @ 4pm EST) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA1TcJPxO_U
Tasty Sausage DSP Tries It Extended (Public on Thur 7-15 @ 1pm EST) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDEGv0gk3Js
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0:00 Makna Forest
0:28 DSP Don't Care About Low Views X to Gout
0:36 Makna Forest
3:33 DSP Forgets About Fast Travel Until He Remembers it
3:53 DSP Projecting
4:00 Clown Mode
4:30 Makna Forest
6:37 Nopon Village
7:25 Where is Melia?
8:06 Found Melia
9:11 Clown Khamentary for the Blind
10:27 DSP Grinds off Video
11:12 A.C. in Connecticut
11:56 Thinks to self
12:21 DSP Projecting
12:36 DSP vs Leone Telethia Puzzle Boss
20:40 Goat Laugh Montage + Clown Mode + Skipping Quest
22:17 Eryth Sea
23:44 DSP Complains About Walking
23:51 Kwality Khamentary
24:12 Alcamoth
26:43 Back to Eryth Sea
28:03 Lost in Alcamoth
32:30 Where's the Vendor?
33:10 Why am I Toxic?
34:06 Still Lost in Alcamoth
35:49 DSP Remembers Fast Travel
36:00 The Emperor's Speech
37:55 Outside High Entia Tomb
38:40 High Entia Tomb
43:34 DSP VS Tyrea
44:08 Return to Alcamoth
45:58 Lost in Alcamoth Again
49:19 DSP Kwality Khamentary
50:23 Bugged Fast Travel Mechanics
51:10 How Do I Get to Prison Island?
51:55 DSP Complains About Walking
52:56 Mechon Attack on Eryth Sea
53:53 On The Road to (Unlock the Seals to) Prison Island
54:26 DSP VS Subterranean Zomar Round 1
55:55 DSP VS Subterranean Zomar Round 2 (Featuring Racti Lexos)
57:39 Climb the Tower
58:40 To the 2nd Seal
59:33 DSP VS Skyray
1:00:18 Prison Island
1:05:39 DSP Projecting
1:06:06 DSP VS Metal Face
1:06:24 The Blackest Eyes, The Devil's Eyes
1:07:55 Back to Alcamoth
1:08:16 DSP Projecting
1:08:20 DSP is About to Run Out of Memory on his Khamkhorder
1:09:58 Epilogue



Now On AFM
Protip: be sure to arrange/filter your gems based on weapon use before actually equipping one on weapons. I don't think Haste 2 is a weapon gem so you're basically waisting space as a more useful gem can be put there. Same goes for armor-based gems. Speaking of which, you should go to Colony 9 at some point here because a sidequest which unlocks portable gem creation should be unlocked to make crafting easier for you, Phil.

The sound byte is not on the tihydp - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTmyCGJwots
With your eyes closed listen to 8:23 to 8:27
SO you put a gem in Dunban's pants, Not sure if sexual or a dirty innuendo... XD

Alec Snyder
Here's an idea Phil, use the teleportation option!!!!

wow their are like three comments actually 4 now me and 164 views and six likes and 0dislikes


Now On AFM
It would be cool if you start controlling other characters instead of Shulk, Phil. Just go to your party menu and replace Shulk's position with the person you want to main. I personally prefer if you try out Melia. She's really unique compared to the other characters. And about the brightness, try using the in-game brightness options to see if you can get a good result.
Reflective Tangent
100 views, 80 views, 20 views. Wats goin on?


Only Phil can RAGE at such a Calm place like Nopon Village

9 years ago
Phil, remember that during combat, when you have a vision of an impending attack, you can warn your allies giving you a free attack or ability.

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