4.18 Lin Wood brings DOWN the HOUSE with AMAZING TRUTH

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
18 Apr 2021

To all leftists who doubt us on the right. Let me ask you one thing,. Have you ever heard any of the liars on MSM, or any leftist politician say to you ‘Don’t take my word for it, do your own research’. If you are an honest person, the answer will be no, because these corrupt liars don’t want you to know the truth.
The truth is that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming and the ultimate truth is in Genesis 1 when you read the literal translation from the Hebrew script, Strong’s Literal Translation is available online for anyone to read and study. You guys don’t fully understand what we are, why we are here, where our sense of self comes from, where we go when our flesh dies… Go read Genesis 1 again and check the way the word ‘God’ was written differently in Hebrew and all the different names for ‘God’ – Elohim is not the same as El (God Almighty/Highest of all gods).. I already probably sound nuts but your souls are at stake and if anybody wants to know what I am talking about I’ll check for replies to see if anyone asks. Knowing Genesis 1 at the least will change everything for any person that learns of it, it is incredible and everything, as in all the things you know – the way you look at things will change forever and you will want to know Jesus Christ.
Pray man pray, pray as hard as you can whenever possible, look up and tell the LORD God with your hands welded together that you are a sinner and want to know the truth and be saved. Tell Him that you want to know Jesus Christ whom you accept with all of your heart as the Son of God Almighty who was raised from death and went to Heaven and will return, tell Him that you want the evil to be taken from you and how to do the right things so you can let go of your flesh and your sin and then live in spirit. Watch theJonathanKleck on Youtube, read Genesis 1 from Strong’s Literal Translation and pay attention to how the word ‘God’ was translated from the Hebrew script, then you will begin to know the truth and what you can do to be saved, it is really something – I can’t think of a proper word, just incredible I guess. PLEASE don’t ignore my message. God Bless.

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BelieveTheGospel 23 days ago

Okay so what are you talking about. What is the difference between the God written of in Genesis and who you are talking about.

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SpiritualbeingofTruth 25 days ago

Thank you for letting the Truth be known for the Truth will set us free

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