33 Reasons Why I Dont Trust Charlie Ward....

16 Mar 2021

So what do you guys think? While I was following Q since Jan 2018, I was never a follower of either Simon or Charlie until Sept-Oct 2020, mostly because if you were following Q at that time it was hard to not see them pop up here and there. I've been very suspicious of both Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes since closer inspection after all of their 'predictions' did not materialize. See my past video repost of Simon Parkes. This video, posted by 'E⁣xposing Corruption' has some interesting insights and it really makes you see how he rose to such popularity with only a few followers in early 2020 to thousands across several platforms.⁣ If you were only getting 50-150 views per video, what are the chances a big vodka company would sponsor you?
So in my opinion with the facts at hand, you have Simon and Charlie that are looking more disinfo agents than not at this point...who else shows up on their shows? What are their backgrounds? Are all these people part of the same show paid by the same people? Where do these people who all seem to live in foriegn countries seem to get their 'info' as if they were on the inside track in the 'Beltway'? If we were to go back and view past vids, what would the percentage of their info be fact vs. fiction? The point of 'disinformation' is it HAS to be loaded with truth - but truth that is already common knowledge....iterspersed with big bombs of disinformation. Something tells me the truth will be out soon and we will all be hit with many big surprises.....

E⁣xposing Corruption- ⁣https://www.bitchute.com/chann....el/exposingcorruptio

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