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chris brandt
chris brandt
30 Mar 2022

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There Is No Time
Song by Tilman Sillescu

Banners for Freedom - https://www.banners4freedom.com/

Girl schools on government: https://t.me/PatriotAlerts/19612

Physicist talks about NWO: https://t.me/HATSTRUTH/3183

Steve Kirsch says 400000 Americans killed by Govt of US: https://t.me/HATSTRUTH/3175

Madison Cawthorn shares about politicians evil: https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/21402

Oscars.. people in FLorida.. gay night; https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/21410

Children fired on by Azov in Ukraine: https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/21415

Trump wants Putin to release Hunter records; https://t.me/PepeDeluxed/21305

Lara Logan is dropping Red Pills Everywhere: https://t.me/PepeDeluxed/21299

Interview with Mariupol resident: https://t.me/JustDudeChannel/21416

They opening worship satan: https://t.me/TippyTopPatriot/1923

Skippy Dee Doo Dah
May 7 2022. 3p-6p


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