(17) DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume XVII - This is How You Milk 10th Escape - Oct 10, 2021 - Finale

23 Nov 2021

TiHYDP by KingDDDuke Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLGnB3HidddY

TiHYDP Hades - This is How You Don't Play Hades - DSP Tries It: Hades Series by KingDDDuke - https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLGnB3HidddY

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Thank goodness it's finally over. Decided to not premiere this, I already premiered DSP Tries It: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania part 2 earlier today. I'm kinda burnt out from editing monkey ball, but was able to finish this. This episode is much shorter because DSP did a bunch of stalling and got tons of tips, so there wasn't much to work with. I also skipped a bunch of stuff because of how boring it is. I tried by best to condense and summarize in an as entertaining as possible. I did not include the 11th escape attempt because it's not necessary, Phil already got his money and then some, so I knew there wasn't going to be any salt. If you wanted me to edit the 11th escape attempt, please leave a comment asking for it, but I'm probably not going to do that. Thank you for all for sticking with me these past 2 months and 17 videos, I wouldn't of made all of these without your constant support. DSP Tries It: Hades was intentionally meant to be a one shot video, but because of all the comments I got on part 1 alone, I just kept making more and more of these as DSP played the game, so Thank you so much everyone.
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The Outsyder Just announced that he is doing tihydp Ghost N' Goblins Resurrections and it will be out the 1st week of October, So I'm cancelling that TiHYDP, I barely even got started on that one, so look forward to his version instead.

(Dates Subject to Change)

Fri - Oct 29 - TiHYDP Mario Party 9 with Panda Lee Leanna
Fri - Nov 12 - TiHYDP Epic Mickey 2 with John Rambo
Fri - Nov 26 - TiHYDP Nier Replicant Page 2 Route A Part 2 of 2


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