10$ To anyone who can tell me what the **** this is

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
18 May 2021

⁣10$ To anyone who can tell me what the **** this is

How Engineered Pandemics & Poverty Profit the Elite: Enter the Great Reset https://youtu.be/QjoGV2QFd7M
The Truth about 660 Billionaires in the USA - Net Worth Went Up by Average 40 Percent in 2020 in spite of (or because of) the Plandemic

Viruses don't make you sick, most energy is already free, 5G is killing everyone, they installed 5g emitters near every school as soon as lockdowns started!
Andrew Kaufman M.D. - The Rooster in the River of Rats - Koch's Postulates

SPACEBUSTERS - Excellent Series to Set the Stage for How much we DO NOT KNOW and How much of what we know is WRONG
Note: This 5 part series from Spacebusters was a big reason that I 'wake up'.
'What your momma should have told you but never knew herself'
'What you need to know about Coronavirus, "Pandemics", 5G, 60 ghz millimetre waves and vaccines'
Spacebusters Complete playlist on RoxyTube
Source: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/MKanl25dSUxl/
Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/bWRaWc63Kphk/
Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/td3hhUeTFLuE/
Part 3: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Vkqxm4aDxEh3/
Part 4: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EOzrCP1FF3hS/
Part 5: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8oyTLPjM68VH/

Excellent Resource Links EVERYONE should check out if you have not
CORRECTED WIKI of most things corrupted and lied about

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pvirtssr 4 months ago

looks likr they are using lasers for underground tunnels. lol

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TruthSeeker2386 5 months ago

It’s a test trial run for the Gov.t’s “Project Bluebeam” protocol which is what they will use to “Fake a Mass Alien Invasion upon the world to help explain as a mass psy-op cover-up for when “the Biblical Rapture” winds up taking place!! I have a video & some screenshots explaining all about it over on my other social media app. I’ll try to record some of it today (if I’m able to.) ; )

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RoxyTube 7 months ago

Do you know where this was and when this was? That will be a start for research. I'm sure many of those cars passing by, miles away, would see that. I'd love to know to start looking into it. Ruling out fireworks for obvious reasons. Looks like mass flashes like flash grenades...but too small. Could be some form of signaling as someone stated. Some type of code and the colors could signal different meanings along with flash patterns. But signaling to what? Or it could be some malfunction in some runway lighting, but that's awfully bright. I'm ruling out the thought that government would want to do this in hiding...why not install this in a desert where no one is around? That thought can be dismissed. Now more than ever, they are showing what they do in plain sight; they don't care. Very interesting.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 6 months ago

It was DEWS

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BryGuy 8 months ago

Also reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third kind just without sound, so communication? Saw a couple flashes in the sky that looked like replies, different colours but happens quick? Or a dj testing out a light show for a stadium performance is laughing his ass off at us atm lol.

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BryGuy 8 months ago

CERN Portals. Can find a video of a vortex opening in sky, unconfirmed ofcourse.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 8 months ago

WEll the coolest explanation so far!

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BryGuy 8 months ago

@Shane St Pierre: Thanks! The video of the wierd portal turning into a vortex type tornado was interesting to watch and I'll see if I can find it. Try searching for vortex over switzerland as I think it was there. Also the CERN employee's have been releasing some really weird statements lately about portals and cosmosis.

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