'Planet' Lockdown 2022

16 Jan 2022

⁣'Planet' Lockdown 2022

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MustardSeeds 4 months ago

hey Jerry I totally got that and get it. .THE CONCLUSION or outcry.. is f'u. .and get out of Washington.. tome hopefully totally exposed for his deep crimes Pelosi, and their covering up familial and others pedophila.. also live fetal harvesting and selling of organs on their develpopment, not plannned fparethood. planned organ harvesteres of humans and the kids across th border. .where are they.. see sherry stiories.. part 1, all about cloning aka EEG, heterodyining ( known as cloning/ video. .beforee iut is gone ..I sent that out TODAY I CANNNOT POST ON COMMENTS ANYWHERED.. surprizedI can here but so it is.. we have a terrible fight on our hands if we do not know this and get on it.. SHE WIL LEXPLAIN.. MD.. N VERY CLEAR TERMS.. T he meand and impact are devastingly tragic. .they have as she clarifies. .a global attack .. we see th mayham every where this is a weapon they need taken out of "their" control. .the smart dust and searching for G%.. higher speed more potent weapon.. you will see who needs police with that conrol in your pocket. .so we can trace . .the defunders ..to foreknowledge this is in use and they are in control /full knowledge affiliate with it. .see the link on g5v in California if sent. .the is a omg moment in american history . .not just global, canada is a patsy as well.. OUR WHOLE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM WAS PUT AON AND RESET ONSET OF COVID 2020.. THE LOCKDOWNS ARE SCENERIOS OF EMPRISONMENT, WE DISIDOANCE ARE TARGETED, REMOTE TARGETING GIVES NO TRAIL ..TILL KNOW THIS.. REALLY GET IT OUT THEIR. .TEL LTHE TROOPS COMPUTER RADIO OR WRITING BY HAND GEEKS AND FEELOW MARCHERS.. PROTEST IS MORE EFFECTIVE TO GO FOR THE HEADS AND WHO HAS THEIR FINGERS ON THE BUTTONS AND CONTROL LCIA IS A DEFFINIENT IMPRINT/ER POST WAR CRIMINALS I N THE GUISE OF AN AMERICAN INTELLIGENCY AGENCY.. SHOCKED ME .. NOT SO AT ALL.. IS IS PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS AND SUCH.. RUNNING A GOVERNMENT? AS A FAR AS I CAN TELL.. Must mopped up the china affiliation.. or they true are subject to blackmail for vicarious activities hidd3en from us.. smut rooms exist everywhere. .they sell brainsignatures.. (what kind of demented creeps do that and USE them, for unimaginable things and ways) pleas inform yourself and others your children and fighters politicians who can nail it on the head in public this is done.. it is a small head #, with lots of criminals attatched.. like an octopus of living heathens at work and play.. fancy shoes and "OH I have a trillion" yeah and lot at the damage and mess the world is in .. death killing and starvation.. and you steal brain signatures and interrupt genesis in our bodies.. ( no sense of self or something just not normal go crazy /thoughts and such, it is extreme, buggers, it is a sound wave and microwaves used. .gates and fellows just put up more 40,000 ,20,ooo in last year, they just got authorization fro.. no doubt secured military authorizations contracts and agreements, federal reserve morphed into 2022 groups controling .. need cuffed rounded up, they are out of control, it took 12 satellites for "tellus", 6 private people and 2 countries put those up. .guess who the private are.. and the word dying from sickness and this now?? to make internet available GLOBALLY in the sararha desert .find out what that is.. to the black market it is a open to way send and receive to the bioenergetic areas of our mid or other areas of our brain.. influence all functions feeling and motivations... mind sets. make you think they are real or your own, drive anger which is a whole new could go on about but obviously to divide people family and nations. .we just DID NOT KNOW HOW...

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