Privacy Policy

Roxy Tube will never share your email or any of your info with anyone! RoxyTube is an unbiased social platform focused on open dialogue and user engagement. RoxyTube has everything you would expect from a video sharing platform such as like/dislike, sharing buttons, subscribe, custom profiles for your account, custom playlist creation, favorites list for videos, and even private messaging to message any user on We allow free speech and do not censor ideas, political parties or ideologies. We protect your privacy and will never sell your personal data. There are some common sense rules, as RoxyTube is open to all ages. Personal attacks, bullying, hate speech, graphic violence and porn are not allowed. If anyone violates these rules or you have questions, reach out to us via contact or private message. Thank You!

RoxyTube is on a secured server. No other websites are on the dedicated server we use for hosting this website and no one else has access to the server except the administrator of this site.