RoxyTube and Roxycast were offline for a week due to the changing of servers. We needed to upgrade to handle increasing traffic on both sites. It was a brutal migration that took hours, daily, and we do not want to go through this again. We missed having your videos as much as you missed having the site up and running.

With censorship on the rise, and this being a less censored site, we ask that you follow some rules when using our sites.

There is to be NO porn, graphic violence, hate speech or anything of that nature. The sites are moderated and posting content of this nature will not be tolerated. 

There is to be NO patronizing or name calling to other members on the site. We are very much against bullies.

You may say, well, that's not freedom of speech. If you feel this way, there are other sites to post those things on, and this is not one of them. Those other sites by the way, are removed or banned from certain services, such as using paypal. Paypal refuses to work with such sites. If there is no paypal, there are no pro members, which means less funding for the site. 

Ad agencies will not work with sites that place questionable content on them. Without ads, again, less funding, and the site is at high risk of going away.

We want to stay online for all of you and crossing the line by posting content that could have the site removed will not be allowed here. 

During the last week, we were in talks with hosting companies and a couple were not willing to take the chance on another video company on their servers for reasons we just mentioned. 

This is a less-censored platform but hosting companies are watching...look what happened to parler. Yes, it's unfair, but it's the world we live in for now.

For these reasons, we ask you to comply because we want to stay online.

If you have questions, reach out via PM, email or read our terms and conditions.

There have to be rules in place for us to stay online.

Again, although our sites allow you to promote your content, we ask you to use common sense. Our sites are moderated.

Thank you!


About us

RoxyTube is a video sharing site for video creators looking to express themselves and have fun while doing it!

Many video creators have been looking for a better video sharing platform with less censorship and more fun! Roxy Tube is bringing it!

We actually care about our video creators and want you to make RoxyTube your video sharing platform of choice. We have designed the site not only for ease of use, but so it's a lot more fun. Some of the cool options we have are the ability to private message any member, customization of your channel artwork, the ability to monetize your videos (we even have a donate button.) More to come!

Make sure to spread the word and share out your favorite videos for others to see to all social media.

Although we have less censorship, please keep in mind that RoxyTube is open to all ages. No graphic violence, porn, bullying or hate videos please.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the contact section or private message.