What is the difference between FREE and PRO membership? A free membership is great, but if you want tons more storage, the ability to sell or rent your videos, you need a PRO membership. With PRO membership, your recently-uploaded videos are FEATURED at the top of Roxy Tube, in rotation with other videos from PRO members. Free and PRO members get a donation button beneath each video so viewers can donate via PayPal to your channel. Free members receive 10GB of total video storage, while PRO members receive unlimited storage for their videos. The PRO membership is charged monthly and is applied to maintenance on the servers, required storage space for videos and keeping RoxyTube.com online. You can cancel your PRO membership at anytime via your PayPal account. Thank You for supporting RoxyTube.com and spreading the word! What features does Roxy Tube offer? RoxyTube.com has all the features video creators would expect and more. Roxy Tube has like / dislike, share feature for sharing videos to social media platforms, subscribe to your favorite video creators, donation button, private messaging between members, sell or rent your videos (PRO members), you can charge viewers to subscribe to your channel (PRO members), custom channel art for your channel, video stats for your videos in your dashboard and more. Memberships and Donations to RoxyTube are not refundable. Do you censor content on Roxy Tube? Unlike other social media platforms, Roxy Tube believes in freedom of speech. What is not allowed on Roxy Tube: hate speak, racist comments or videos, personal attacks, graphic violence or sex (porn.) Roxy Tube is open to all ages, so it's a common sense approach. Vulgarity is allowed, but no hate speech or attacks, and we love sarcasm. What type of content can I post to Roxy Tube? All styles of videos are allowed from vlogs to how-to videos, entertainment, comedy, etc. Really nothing different than what you're already used to. Can I monetize my videos? We will be bringing video monetization to Roxy Tube in the future. In the meantime, feel free to add a DONATE icon to your channel. A donate button will show up on all your videos. You can set this up via your profile section. Does Roxy Tube have live streaming capability? We plan on adding live streaming in the future. Questions? Contact us via the contact form on the site or private message us. Thanks for being part of the Roxy Tube community! What is the file size upload limit per video? The file size upload limit per video is 1GB per video. This goes for FREE or PRO membership. FREE members have a total storage space of 10GB for videos, while PRO members have unlimited storage space for videos. Does RoxyTube.com compress videos? RoxyTube does not compress videos, which degrades video quality. For this reason your videos upload faster (no downtime while compression takes place since we don't use compression on videos. This is the main reason video uploads are limited to 1GB (will increase in the future) to save on storage space on the servers. A tip to upload videos larger than 1 GB would be to upload iPhone or iPad. Apple has built in compression that does not affect quality. This natural compression will allow you to upload a video 300-400MB over the size of 1GB via Apple's gentle compression.