RoxyTube Rules

RoxyTube Rules and Regulations to keep us online and our RoxyTube members happy

With censorship on the rise, and this being a less censored site, we ask that you follow some rules when using our sites.

There is to be NO porn, graphic violence, hate speech or anything of that nature. The sites are moderated and posting content of this nature will not be tolerated. 

There is to be NO patronizing or name calling to other members on the site. We are very much against bullies.

Importing videos from YouTube is allowed, but if YouTube removes the video, it will not be available on RoxyTube, as imports are just links to videos. Remember copyrights when uploading or importing videos.

You may say, well, that's not freedom of speech. If you feel this way, there are other sites to post those things on, and this is not one of them. Those other sites by the way, are removed or banned from certain services, such as using paypal. Paypal refuses to work with such sites. If there is no paypal, there are no pro members, which means less funding for the site. 

Ad agencies will not work with sites that place questionable content on them. Without ads, again, less funding, and the site is at high risk of going away.

We want to stay online for all of you and crossing the line by posting content that could have the site removed will not be allowed here. 

W were in talks with hosting companies and a couple were not willing to take the chance on another video company on their servers for reasons we just mentioned. 

This is a less-censored platform but hosting companies are watching...look what happened to parler. Yes, it's unfair, but it's the world we live in for now.

For these reasons, we ask you to comply because we want to stay online.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. The first offense will be a warning and the second offense will result in limited use of the site for a week. Third offense will result in account termination.

If you believe someone is being rude or posting content that does not belong, reach out to us.

If you have questions, reach out via PM, email or read our terms and conditions.

There have to be rules in place for us to stay online.

Again, although our sites allow you to promote your content, we ask you to use common sense. Our sites are moderated.

Thank you!



Whatareyou 2 days ago
I don't know if I am doing wrong! Sometimes my comments are published,! Why?
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Matrix Enemy33
Matrix Enemy33 4 days ago
All seems reasonable to me.
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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 6 months ago
NO PORN? What the **** man... guess ill have to utilize the 86% of the internet that DOES allow porn...
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Matrix Enemy33
Matrix Enemy33 4 days ago


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trogdorguy6443 8 months ago
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