Roxy Tube FREE Membership vs PRO Membership


Roxy Tube has 2 membership options, FREE and PRO.

FREE members receive 10GB of storage for video uploads.

PRO members receive unlimited storage for video uploads.

Each video upload (Free and Pro) is limited to 1GB per video (this will raise in time.)

Pro members have the ability to sell or rent videos. Selling price can be set on video upload screen. Content you sell must be yours and not someone else's! Set the price for whatever you want. Roxy Tube takes 25%, you keep 75%.

Pro Members get the FEATURED BADGE on their videos. Pro member videos will appear at the top of the page in rotation with other Featured / Pro Member videos. Top page rotation gives more exposure to your video content.

Pro Members have the option to charge viewers to subscribe to their channel.

Pro Members have the option to not see internal ads on their videos. Internal ads are ads purchased by Roxy Tube members to advertise their channel, business, etc.

To upgrade to PRO membership, click your profile icon in the upper right of the site. You will see the GO PRO option there. Billing is per month. 

If you know of anyone looking for a cool platform that supports video creators and feels more like home, please spread the word about Roxy Tube.

Thanks for your support and for being part of the Roxy Tube community!



Starlight75 3 months ago
What is cost of Pro membership?
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