How To Livestream On RoxyTube

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How To Livestream On RoxyTube.

How To Livestream On RoxyTube

After signing up for a PRO Membership, you will see the Livestream icon next to the upload video icon.

Live-streaming on RoxyTube includes real time chat.

Your RoxyTube subscribers will be notified once you go live so they can view.

Currently, you will not be able to invite people to join you in your livestream - it's just you.

Live-streaming videos will be saved to your channel and on the main RoxyTube page after your stream has ended.


The Safari browser will not work for livestream. You will need to use another browser such as Firefox, Brave or any other browser. We do not recommend Chrome, since it is designed and built by google.

If you want your RoxyTube videos to play back after your stream, YOU MUST use the Brave browser to livestream. Visit RoxyTube with the BRAVE browser, login and start streaming. By using BRAVE, your live-streaming video can be played back by anyone using any browser, but it must be streamed via BRAVE.

Your PRO MEMBERSHIP helps to keep RoxyTube online.

Thank You!


Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 15 days ago
hey can we not use OBS or restream to livestream here?
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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 1 month ago
(◔◡◔) ✌
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