FaceBook Alternative

FaceBook Alternative

Hello RoxyTubers!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the site! Some great news! 

We have launched a FaceBook alternative, to join RoxyTube in the fight against censorship!

RoxyCast will have the same look and feel as the evil FaceBook, but with even more options! You'll LOVE IT!


Some reasons why FB sucks:

1. Facebook makes money by storing and selling ALL your info you place on their site!

2. Facebook censorship has gotten out of control, like EvilTube

3. Facebook decides what should and should not be allowed on their site (what fits their agenda)

4. You will never know where your photos and posts are going and who is viewing them (selling your info to companies)

5. Thousand of FB users are fedup and have been looking for a new platform


RoxyTube.com and RoxyCast.com will NEVER sell or misuse your data! Our platforms are on one secured server maintained by us. 

We are for social media creators and support free speech. 

Thanks for being part of our platforms! 





Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 5 months ago
I see you added the donate button! Nice move!
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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 5 months ago
Hey Steve, how do i support the Roxy sites? I went to pay for pro and ended up costing points.... tried to pay you for all this lmao
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TMP1228 11 months ago
So glad I fund you...!!
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Topaz 11 months ago
Hi Steve, something happened to my page for Roxy Tube and it's all in a different language...I need help, but I can't navigate because I can't read anything...I found this page by accident! Please help me, my email address is
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RoxyTube 11 months ago

I'll check it out. Rest of the site is fine, not sure if you can see that. Keep me posted. I'll check now.

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sunsofsun 11 months ago
Hi Steve! The name is Wanda! Came across Roxy Tube in search of truth! Wanda see that truth is prevailing, however Someone is still left out! That Someone is Sun! Do Steve, remember Sun? And if so, why is Steve silent regarding, Sun! If not, ask Wanda questions and Wanda will guide you to Sun, The Truth! All in everyone's face!
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RoxyTube 11 months ago

Glad you found us!

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